Sokoto State Government Set up a committee of professionals which came up with a blue-print that served as a guide in the establishment ICT Directorate in 2007.

Our Vision Our Mission

Our Vision

To use information and Communication Technology as engine to improve the quality of life of the people’s economic well-being through sustainable knowledge based development of the economy and the society to leapfrog in the future.  

Our Mission

  • Use ICT as an engine for sustainable development
  • Enhance the quality of educational delivery.
  • Creation of wealth, poverty eradication and global competitiveness.

Aims & Objectives

  • Establish essential ICT infrastructure for achieving a knowledge based society and improving Governanace in the state.
  • To build capacity within the various arms of the State Government to harness ICT for Socioeconomic development and the implementation of the delivery of public services through e-Government and smart solutions.
  • Use ICT to reduce the level of restiveness among the youth by empowering them with relevant ICT skill to be self employed.
  • To ensure that information Technology resources are readily available to promote efficient state development.
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News Updates

Free Digital Training to the public towards achieving the Sokoto State Government’s Digital Agenda.
7 months ago

Few out of The Directorates Achievements

e-Government 2017

Sokoto State Won 2017 Award as Best state on e-Government 2017.

e-Government 2019

Sokoto State Won 2019 Award as Best State on e-Government 2019.

Smart Cities Competitions

Sokoto State Government Participated in Smart Cities Competitions in UK, USA, South Korea, Nigeria in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Google Digital Skills Training

Sokoto State is the first state also the hub that hosts the launching of Google Digital Skills Training in Nigeria in 2018.  

World e-Government Organization

SokotoState is an active member of World e-Government Organization for Cities & Local Governments (WeGo), with headquarters in South Korea.

Annual 1000 Entrepreneurs Training

Sokoto State is the first State in 2018 to launch Annual 1000 Entrepreneurs Training Program Mentoring youth and students for free.

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