Our Goals

ICT Directorate

  1. Establish and Develop ICT Infrastructure in the state.
  2. Improve the productivity and efficiency of government through ICT.
  3. Strengthen good governance and broaden public participation in ICT.
  4. Improve revenue generation of the state process and integrate it with modern ICT techniques
  5. Modernizing teaching methods and skills for efficient lessons delivery at primary, secondary and tertiary institutions in the state.
  6. Certify optional utilization of existing ICT resources in the state.
  7. Improving living standard through access to health care information and services through ICT.
  8. Provide mass literacy and life-long learning withing the community through modernization and digitization of public libraries and other public utilities.
  9. Create job opportunities with technical ICT capabilities. Create awareness on opportunity and threats of the general and social media. Awareness on cyber crimes and how to stay safe online.
  10. Improve marketing potentials by using ICT to develop tourism and foreign direct investment. (FDI) in the State.
  11. Create conducive at-mosphare for businesses to grow and develop using m-commerce and e-commerce. As well as developing SME’s in the state.
  12. Create awareness and educate the public to enable everyone have a say in the government. Freedom of expression and access to information is available at everyone’s fingertips.
  13. Ensure adoption & implementation of Green Revolution: smart integrations, wireless, cashless, paperless governance & society.

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